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亜咲花( あさか )

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亜咲花( あさか )

Eternal Star English ver.

Composer:Haggy Rock

Beyond the night gazing up at starry sky
Tears fallen down my cheeks naturally

Bright memories
Write my feeling on the shore
But my word was disappeared by the wave
So I slowly closed my eyes

Walking on the way along the sea side
follow in the footsteps of his life time
Wonder I'm getting close to you

I've been looking for your heart so long time
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I know this is right direction for me
Olden days if I could go back in time

Sky is filled with stars
I was always hoping that you think about my soul
I'll promise you eternity everytime

Make a wish tonight
Will you promise you won't tell to anyone?
Reflected on the water you and me

Beginning of my dream

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