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Azealia Banks

Heavy Metal & Reflective

Fridgy Froze Kept, It's that fresh
Bitch, I be in that prissy stone set, w
That wet wrist, flighty bitch- that
Prissy bow, with that necklace

I be 'very freaky tickle cherry' its
That best bitch!

I be in that 750 head up, with that hex
Witch, I could spit that prissy poem-
Sex with her breakfast, I could break ya
Nigga bone! wanna bet bitch?
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I be VIP I been knew cheddar you be
Guest list, I be PYT you Billie Jean you
Been that ex bitch! Icy with that cicle
WHOA! It's that next shit

I be gettin several you be zero bet
You pressed bitch, I BE LOOKING
REFLECTIVE - I could get that!

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