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Azealia Banks

Barbie Shit

Keep it moving (Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie Shit
(Pretty in the face and) A bitch look plastic What up, I fucks with all things monetary
My urge for the dough is involuntary
I need that cream like Ben and Jerry
I'm so caked up in the commissary
Used to eat mad chips at the front of the?
Now I stack mad chips at the front of the?
And I got mad clips at the front of the Jeep
So don't get caught trying to sample the cheese, huh
Nacho like you can't have lactose
I stay with new shit like assholes
Smoke that weed, get buck like rascals
Niggas wanna pop, put them up like tadpoles
Who's that? Who's me? You already know
Ms. Banks, 18, all about the dough
Mocassins, zooted jeans and polo
Frank hat, 151 logo
In Soho, eyes low from the loco
Cause I hit that swish like a chokehold
Y'all just clowning, niggas straight Bozos
Still cherry lounging? Man that's an old flow??
A bitch don't dance? better do it for 5 g's
Niggas stay frontin' like their clothes worth somethin'
Well that looks like H&M to me
Run around town talking about a triple beam
And they getting cream and they got the nina
Done coined a misdemeanor
Felony money, that's my demeanor
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I keep this cash like my eyelashes nigga, long and pretty
I get flyer than the next bitch do, and I never had to put one brick in the womb

(Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie Shit (yeah!)
(Pretty in the face and) A bitch look plastic That bitch own a pair of sixes, but I own a pair of fives
And my Nudie jeans look better than her Levis
Bitches steady hating, anticipating and waiting
For conversation, they wanna come chill with the dope bitch
Long weave, lipstick, I be on that barbie shit
Got a pack of swishers and a bag of purple??
I like freaky-deaky shit, so a freaky bitch (keep uh...)
Big dick niggas at the top of my buddy list
Won't sex till ya lick my clit and tell me where the money is
Dumb birds, just occurred they get no words like sign language and shit
We just pull up in the whip
Cock that 4-5th like I'm missing one finger, bitch
That last line was clever
Duck, Duck, Bitch, get down like feathers!
A-Z-E-A-L-I-A is G-A-N-G-S-T-A
Clap on a nigga like Ay Bay Bay
We'll pull the trigger out in broad day
So y'all bitches better watch where the fuck you look and what you say

(Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie Shit (yeah!)
(Pretty in the face and) A bitch look plastic

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