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Azealia Banks

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Azealia Banks

Chasing Time

Damn, nigga, damn
Took a chance on you
Double d-dipped again
You could do your dance
Take a chance with your lover like this, begin!

[Verse 1]
I want somebody who can take it apart
Stitch me back together, make me into who I wanna be
But all you ever do is sit in the dark
Dealing with the devil, you ain't never ever gonna be mine

Cause I'm born to dance in the moonlight
I feel like spending my nights alone
I try to give you a little more space to grow
White lies, I don't wanna be around anymore
I'm through giving, I've got to go

Am I chasing time?
Cause I wasted all mine on you (you)
Am I chasing time?
Cause I wasted all mine on you (you)
Check my watch, I had the future in my pocket
But I lost it when I gave it to you (you)
Tonight I'm stressed, I had my temper in my locket
But I lost it when I gave it to you (you)

[Verse 2]
Damn, nigga, damn
Took a chance on you, double d-dipped again
And, scram, nigga, scram
Hit your mans up and tell 'em to get the van
And reminisce again
Bring it back to the cabin in Michigan
But man, mister, plan
Say goodbye to your lover cause this the end

[Pre-Chorus]+ [Chorus]

Go get lost on the highway, freeway
We've been off-course like the broadway relay
Don't need me a boss, you're a constant delay
These the kinda thoughts I've been having for three days
Feel like you're more of a homie
Please, you don't even know me
You think I'm starting new relations
I'm just apart and need my space and
Time to myself, ventilation
No time for you, I lack the patience
And you're like, 'Girl, how you do that?'
My attitude is bitchy but you already knew that
And since we can't get along
I think we should both move on

[Pre-Chorus]+ [Chorus]

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