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Azealia Banks


Since Fantasea quenching your thirst,
They want the mermaid bitch to water theyâd verse
These bitches is bad, the AB is worse,
These bitches is sad, but lately it works.
Iâm crazy with math, add me your purse
Plus you a hearse, minus that church.
You dead on the first, divide from your jerks
Supplier for work.
Fishscale, seaweed get âem higher than church
Taste meat,
Saliva to squirt,
Hot lava
Iâm reppin the burst
Ainât no bitch been better than birth
The luxury witch, Galliano the skirt.
From today I reign, tomorrow itâs herâs
Pardon my curve, these basic niggas rattle my nerve,
I battle the bird, a Harlem girl
Flip âem
Bag âem and sell
These niggas snitches, tattle or tale.
Watch where you dwell, these niggers bitches
Hair braided with gel, the pussy I smell
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Why these niggers push me? I get spooky as hell
You local fucker,
Iâm kooky with spells
These niggas suckas, be groupies as hell.
Comment my hair, comment my nails.
This niggaâs a girl, you want diamonds and pearls?
Designer clothes, attention and stares?
Youâre a man though, why would you care?
(Boy) Youâre not a fan though, cool off my AM
My man ho, come Jones on this dildo while I pull on your hair, yeah
Look at this queer
His booty prepared, your uzi is where?
Liar liar, never fuckin fire fire
Hereâs a reminder, Hymen
Tru Life, stole all your chains? (Yes)
Max B, wrote all your flames? (Yes)
Montana, road all your wave? (Bet)
Killa, called you a lame
It takes a Harlem bitch to execute a Harlem bitch,
You pop shit, I pop shit,
No problem bitch.

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