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Wiley (rapper)( Richard Cowie Jnr )

Shes Glowing (Remix)

She was glowing up, nightclub blowing up didn't have a show, but hey I'm still showing up Look at the bottles, see champagne flowing out Course I spend more than a bag when I'm mowin up Yep yep another 1 impressing her, but she ain't impressed by the fame & the dough ya kno But I jus like to see her face glowing up, so red carpet back seat r rolling up

One rule for her, one rule for me, cause she don't wanna be even I don't wanna be the one to go n pack my bags n tell her I'm leaving I'm trying to give her chance, I think she needs to learn the meaning It's no fling, I'm carrying feelings, so when I'm with u it's like I'm dreaming

Reality check yo, I see the glow in you, n it felt right when I spoke to you N I can't wait till were so together, you holding me, n me holding you N I see the glow in you, n it felt right when I spoke to you N I can't wait till were so together, you holding me, n me holding you

One thing I've learnt in this life is money of the root of all evil You have to open your eyes, especially when you do what we do I let you into my life and expressed 2u my feelings n that show you how serious I'm being, so why r we beefing for no reason

Reality check yo, I just wanna do my thing, and avoid all things that can't help me If I didn't have another hit song, the label woulda probably shelf me In this current climate I can tell u that ain't healthy that's why I ball out living wealthy, but I ain't gonna do that cause u tell me
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I used to watch her skin glow from my window, so bright I call her flamingo Hey there's no introduction needed, but wait I still gave her the intro She told me she don't wanna be involved with an mc, but now she in so deep if I leave for a week shell ring loads, even ring co for info

It's reality check, shes mad at me yh, sall of what her friend Natalie said, but I havent had any sex with any1 but her, I swear down babes I ain't bang any skets cause I don't wanna see her lose control, n I don't wanna see you lose your glow And I don't wanna have to sleep alone

It's a Reality check tho, we can build this bridge before we make it worse Cause without you there's something missing in myself Believe me it's me that needs the work I'm giving you he time that you deserve Cause even heaven could'ntmake this match no better, we just work

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