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Artifacts (group)( The Brick City Kids )

Return to Da Wrongside

Lyricist:Raheem Brown, Shawn Jones, Bennie Maupin, William E Williams

I was out to bomb like Vietnam but in this rhyme
I'm the prime suspect, handcuffed for stuff that I ain't hit yet
It seems the neighborhood block watch got open like a box top
Wanted they're props and called up the cops

While Momma Dukes is in the kitchen flippin'
Trippin' 'cause spray caps is missin' and I left without permission
I got bagged with the darkest black marker I had
An easy target 'cause my tag is on my book bag

As I was shadowed they musta heard the bag rattle
Tipped the cops off and ran up, before I popped the top off
Got interrogated 'bout crews I never heard of
Got my face wrote on and treated like I did a murder

Heard sermons on property value and city workshops
Slapped with a fine, now in my record there's a new notch
The misdemeanor catcher comin' back at cha
For the long ride, as we return to the wrong side

Out to burn, rackin' paints by the sack to provide
Tracks as we return to da wrongside
Art programs and more hip-hop jams, must arrive
As we return to da wrongside

More better styles and wack writers step aside
Aerosol ride, as we return to da wrongside
Newark, New Jers, Brick City we reside
Big up to BS as we return to da wrongside

Once more, we have in store graffiti folklore
In depth to score points, what this joint for?
All graffiti writers, we bring justice, to this art
We take to heart but they missed

The actual Facts, paint with fat caps
Artistic gestures, flat or gloss be the texture
If you measure the amount or count TV, shows on graf
Galleries, droppin' all the skill calories

They crackin' down to make us back down
But we still wreckin', who remember King 67?
Peace to Insta, buildin' a mad tag in December
Protective shell los for the winter

Get in the subject, on how they say we suspects
Harass me for a marker, there he goes with a Tec
Blind to see wreck, cause they ignorant to check
The true art so, they pass laws just to catch

Certain writers, most bite us anyway
L S B S, L T D is on the path subway
Try to bring an understanding, respect we're demanding
Wrongside tales, we never fail with the plannin'

Fatter jams on the air must arrive
The weak can't slide as we return to da wrongside
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More joints on tape, less compromise
Better in size as we return to da wrongside

Toys bite my tags, throwups and old pieces
Thowin' crews up, they can't be down with, and catchin' beatings
Me and my crew stay close-knit
Make niggaz say, 'Oh shit' about our dope shit, takin' cities in doses

With a tag here and a tag there next year
It'll be everywhere, catch me if you dare
It's rare for me not to have a marker after dark
'Cause I've been in this to win this since niggaz used to say spark

Yo, I got the black book designers and the bag
Make sure I got the uni for the on tour tag
Saying that we 'cause mad terror in the city
Kids ain't got shit so, we feels no pity
On any surface, hurtin' it, experts in it
Create with the Krylon, crafts be fantastic

Artistic misfits, gifted wicked with the sketchbook
And the paint, maintainin' the status top rank
With ink stained hands, I masterpiece master plans
With cans we came across diss some toys who crossed me off

Lost in my thought, I can walk a mile on style
It's been a while but I keep mechanicals on file for every new jack
And non-believer not knowin' my background from jump
Sleepin' 'cause they only see me with blunts

My ghetto cartoons just express how I feel
Representin' my culture and not off it is the deal
I'm so ill with skill and I'm still up to par
Not your everyday rap star, just who we are

Like conquering lions, we do our things with strong pride
For the long ride, tellin' tales from the wrongside

KRS keeps the stage show live
Sharper than knives, as we return from da wrongside
PNB Nation, no hesitation
Blazin', as we return from da wrongside

Peeps sleep, while these brothers coincide
Keep in stride, as we return from da wrongside
Comp hide, toy niggaz take a dive
Kickin' skills live, as we return from da wrongside

Uhh, it's like that
Layin' shit down on the map
Artifact crew in the house
Like this like that, so whatchu want?

For the who? You know the crew
Shawn J
Crossin' out all y'all
Wack rappin' ass motherfuckers

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