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Rolling Like a Rock

A jamaica puppa live, so you know a thing's run, no fi on stars, thirst fi blood and kill di fifull, mummy nah cu mi di nah, while mi a string out di song, yes our music can be deadly! Dj, listen and learn
Rit I'm rolling like a rock (please step away) rolling like a rock (don't get in my way)
rolling like a rock (bum shakalak) rolling like a rock (mi na take no talk)
I'm rolling like a rock (please step away rolling like a rock (don't get in my way)
rolling like a rock (bum shakalak) rolling like a rock (mi na take no ehh.

Boy come a Jamaica fill same at di praise lack we don't see sufferation near the real rapapam
And nevva memba said we a spread di Markus talk who fi dead a go dead and who fi walk must walk
Sibilidondon sibilidondon it's bad man tone ya so named jah jah tone, boy ya move busty put some level pon your sound, keep your mouth on ya face and keep your feet pon di ground
bum bambam
dem nevva expect di kian kali come back and lock di tone, all police boy dem could dem move dem na go lock off mi sound, mi kill silectah many dj blood just splash at ground, let me finish with dem full dehdeh mi packs (….) that is why raggamuffin' is my dirty style
in a sound war mi ah start war, mi a di top Jedi!
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Yakuza, Kamizake, Ninja, Samurai! Mi murder DJ bwoy from J.A. to Shangai
I'm di third generation from King tobi's tribe what a house de mi seh so just want belong Ile
Pupa muffin and king drummist dem nah take no side, di walla dem passy wall dem affi run from mi sight
Meet on a berlin and kill the german sound, chant to Italy and murder Vatican sound, mi left di prince in England with no Buckingam crown, france tone longtime mi tek way you crown

Some bwoy dem come a Jamaica, a dem a gwan like dem really bad, tru dem nevva talk to the real kian kali
But sekkle on di sokkle
I'm rollin like a rock…

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