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Black Knights

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Black Knights

Techniques & Shockwaves

(feat. Kinetic)

Techniques I use verbs swerving out the vocal cord
Competition there's none
I Build and Destroy
You're a decoy like that cop on Bad Boys
Deploy you on a front line
I ain't here to waste time you're a target
When I shoot I don't miss
Reclined relax keep my third eye open
Scoping Militantly Patiently Focused
My flow is Potent Quotes and Notations
You know I'm the Dopest
My Invincible Palm Writer
I'm the Invincible Palm Writer
To Write My WRONGS My Songs my Catalogs is Tighter
YOU Know they Tighter I'M not Tony the Tiger
But I am greater at utilizing the pen with my pen skills or ball point or paper mate
Check mate, mic check one two one two
Master ceremony when I'm in the booth

[Verse 2: Kinetic Nine]
This here is for you
Word 2 life lets get it right
Get into a zone especially when I'm on the mic
Like Emit fake left then I bust a right
Either way she with because I fucks her right
No problem
Your boy don't got 'em
Need them
I exceed them as in defeat them
That's what I do yes
And as I shall proceed to spit that dope shit and I got what you need
16 they call me m-16
Flow is the hardest every verse I spit it so pristine
Does that regardless
Either way I needs that cream, you know what I mean?
Fresh as they come
My shit bang till your head piece numb
Kinetic 9 does my thing like how it should be done
I gotta shine to the point that they call me sunn
I gotta climb to the height you can't reach me none

[Verse 3: CRISIS]
Catch me at the (t.o.t.t ) top of the town
My sound capture the crown , they wild jumping around
Like a mosh pit ,that star shit they loving the sound of the black knights don't act like we ain't shutting shit down
West coast killa bees ,spreading like a disease
Flood the 52 states plus we over seas
Crisis and rugged monk kinetic 9 in the cut
Why settle for less we the best no runner up
That raw and uncut so pure it got u stagnated
Fans leave satisfied competition aggravated
Nowadays these niggas are over animated
We got hip hop locked down incarcerated
Thee intimidated hate it but the real related
Because the flow flawless like murder orchestrated
Something I created so it's premeditated
Every joint is on point like the star of David

My rap pages is doubled XL check the source
This ebony man is GQ in a porshe
People US weekly say it's the time
For the final call murder dogg
Cuz it's big or tall
Not an issue like a writer or an author sports that's illustrated
Quotes MC's get liberated
National inquiries reads the people's choice
Hustlers guns that's the voice
Pop pop pop that's the choice
Pick your choice

[Verse 5: Kinetic]
That was just a decoy
Once again hey it's me boy
Who better to jump on track you know deploy
Wondering if I still rap
Well okay then figure that I do just that
Just say when
Never enough when I perform just strutting you know keeping going
Ain't no telling what vibe on
And if you feel it the prescribe to the high on
Forget it
To the point I can't feel no pain
It's like I'm damn near out on s astro plane
I get it
In the place I don't know no shame
I can't feel my face nor no my name
Ah ha ha
Got you liking this new campaign
It's like it's so exciting I must maintain
Exemplifying and with out trying
I'm guaranteed to make you bounce bounce bounce


[Hook: John Frusciante]
Running free the part of me that wants life just to stop
Higher than beams that I fall off
Our one stop: the beyond


We got em bouncing like kangaroos
Jumping through hola hoops
Music that make a move
Got em trapped in a fruity loop
(The people know who's the truth
These cowards ain't bullet proof
These niggas are Rudy poots
Eat mc's like it's cool to do)
You know it ain't nothin new
Absolute they solute
General Lieutenants Soldiers Co-Defendants
(They all know the business, flow leave careers finished
Uncut no gimmicks
Take um to thee outer limits.)

[Hook: John Frusciante]
Running free the part of me
That wants life
Just to stop
Higher than beams that I fall off
Our one stop:
The beyond