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Sherlock Holmes


Should there be one in this world
Who represents the justice
Must be kind of funny tales
While there's somebody who sees
Through the tiny secrets
Of the little things people made

Without those bothering emotions
Without too much little empathy
Observing and reasoning coldly
Perfect machinery
See what others had never conceived
Trace from something so trifling
Under disguise of whosoever's kind

Where are you going to hide yourself
Over the clouds, under the ground
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Just would never suffice
However tangling these mysteries are
Not long to get the clues to be refined

May there be one in this world
In the darkness of the night
To light cloudy dirty skies
Elegantly walking through
Little minds of the fools
For the sake of some petit truth

With somewhat heroic kindness
With kind of gentle tenderness,
For the innocent or the scandalous
Critical moments
Things of the littlest importance
Traces of the least obvious
Nothing to hide behind those hawking eyes

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