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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )

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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )

Walk Away - MTV Unplugged

As long as there's life, oh yes we know there is hope
we found a way to survive we still a travel the road
and we can always decide to find a way how to cope
the journey's long and it's wide cause time is longer than rope.

certain things might go pon your nerves
and dem do you things what you just don't deserve
qwaan tell the world a blessing over curse
one day the last will be the first
full speed forward you just can't reverse
uplift yourself when dem expect the worse
hear wha me say ina the verse
it's time to leave time to quench your spiritual thurst

nut down the trouble then you walle away
you don't have to fight today
no you nuh fi do it again nuh do it again
you do it from way back when (repeat)

nut down the troubles beg you walle from them
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trouble making people take no tulle from them
new chapter new life new time new friend
you a follow your instinets you just can't pretend
a brandnew start you will find again
nuh make nobody interrupt you this time again
one piece of mind clear mind again
everything incline again but i shine again.

me nu tell you fi take this honour
a fi your life and you can do what you wanna
but if you draw fi the guns and the hammer
next thing me know you ago draw fi the hammer
next thing me know you ago draw fi the hammer
take a check and sort out your grammar
sentence no right boy you need a few
but it you don't stop talk and stammer
then you but i talk in front your honour.