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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )

Jah Love

call by so many different names
but your glory still remains the same

never will i change
the way that i feel about jah love
it's always been the same
there is no breaking up jah love

segregation and all your different classes
it nuh tek a lot fi see no need no glasses
no tek no instruction from no jackasses
cause we see how dem a trick the masses

I will be brave in Jahoviah
Burn Babylon and then move ya
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manipulating our thoughts tearin us apart
there will be no stoppin now we start
and we purge out dem heart
trick us in dem school play we like a fool
use we like a tool
hafi mek dem know she that we nuh dig da part deh

systematically dem well have it design
dem mashin up the medi with dem colonial mind
we nuh go sit around and watch blind man lead blind
you nuh see seh dat a serious crime