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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )

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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )

On We Go - Live

Wishing and hoping for
Someone who satisfy my soul
My heart is an open door
You'll be amazed what is instore
It realy seems that my head is spinning
With every chapter that I read
And all the (preaches) got my finger turning
Deep in the mystery
The characters are colourful
(Ain't it suspend) it is real
I hope it ain't just as wonderful
But the plot is yet to reveal

On we go
Turning dreams ina reality now
Soon we know the destination
Love is ya journey

The leading roles this exotic lady
pictured perfect like a magazine
(And I'm now listening
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the lights smoked clearly)
And my eyes dont miss a single scene
The most incredible twist and turn
To be compatible
Well, this is what I learn
Can't give it up untill me see the table are turn
In thisa one me nuh go understand

On we go..

Mama used to say what u put in u get out
Believe inna yourself and there will be no doubt about
Fantasy and Magic we cant do without
To make the impossible possible is what love's about
I see things planted now watch it grow
It needs water so let it flow
And me know why you want to see the fruit throw
This this I know