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Gentleman( Tilmann Otto )

New Day

You got to hold your fate now
Fi reach mount zion gate now
And you better keep it real no baddy with the fake now
No time fi stand wait now
Galong and get things straight now
Better to be earl righteous people than to be late now

Things in life a tek time
Can't get lost from you a follow the signs
Fire pon dem durgs and dem guns and dem convicious mind
And I and I step pon crime
Right ya now me bun badman and badmind
Nuff a dem can't even walk a straight line
Your sister need love and your borther need love
And it took like you left that behind
Words and sound combine
Hafi give thanks fi the power of devine
Lost in search of the big goldmine
And ina darkness blind man e lead blind
With no limitaion I man feel fine
Living on the edge cause Jah love it is mine
And as they blasphem and plat and scheme
I man still see Jah wonders and signs

Rise up with the day
I do things in my own way
And me nuh ina your hear say
Cause dis ya speappard nuh go astray
Now me gone pon the highway
Cause man a clear like x-ray
And me nuh ina your leh leh
And joy when dis ya tune a play
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Can't lek things what you nuh know
Got to find out first which way to go
And you can't exercize no form of genocide
Ina the last lane that you a go
If a Jah Jah man you want overthrow
Ina siknking ship you a row
Cause he will cut you down and he will mash you down
Like the tide that ebb and flow
Weed and tears must grow
Until the time of harvest we know
Many a call but the chosen a few
And the almighty god a say so
Man hafi go meditate and tek it slow
Riding high when you should deh pon the low
And you can't flop fast if you stick to your task
And the flowers ina your garden will grow


Stop play the fool and attend your classes
Nothing you a see you must want glasses
Sit down and complain and then you perplex fi flex
So your tribulation never passes
We living ina wolrd full jackasses
Every day dem get up and a ball bout dem crosses
And dem standing at the gate and the whole a dem a wait
But the fate is seems like dem last it

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