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Jarren Benton( Jarren Giovanni Benton )

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Jarren Benton( Jarren Giovanni Benton )



K-K-Kato on the track, bitch

[Verse 1]
I prayed for my enemies, I told the lord to bless the both of us
Papa threw the deuces, but fuck it, I never hold grudges
My worst fear is to die broke
Life in the jungle would rip the horns off a rhino
Music always been a part of us, mama was never hard on us
I was always worried when she had to ride the MARTA bus
Started drinking young, cause them Koreans never carded us
Young and black, but they didn't give a fuck and it was obvious
Lifestyle of a dope boy is simply captivating
To niggas turning Master Splinter on the affidavit
I'm jewish with the bread, every dollar's calculated
These niggas sideways, this nine'll get them calibrated
I'm just a dreamer asking God to shine a little light
These niggas soft and they'll probably die in a pillow fight
I'm smoking hashish out of a silver pipe
I told that bitch to run the jewels, word to Killer Mike
Promethazine and Sprite on ice, when I ain't feeling right
I ain't concerned about vices, bitch, I'm just living life
These hoes gon' let us cut, just like a kitchen knife
I'm on that kryptonite, I break them when I flip the dykes
I eat beats and then I spit the bone, a pistol's chrome
Catch me in the old school, bumping Vic Damone
Mister Benton home, niggas get to falling back
Cash rules everything and nigga, I want alladat

Fuck the world, bitch, I want alladat
Cash rules, nigga, gimme alladat
I ain't playing, I want all of that
Kicking down your door, bitch, gimme alladat
I want alladat, nigga, gimme alladat
I want alladat, nigga, gimme alladat
I want alladat, nigga, gimme alladat
I want alladat, nigga, gimme alladat

[Verse 2]
Name a nigga in my city that can fuck with me
Besides the OG's, y'all pussy niggas is weak
Nightmare On Elm Street, put these niggas to sleep
Old frog ass nigga, I dare you faggots to leap
Lame ass niggas can't walk in these pair of shoes
Jump out airplanes and shoot at coupes, while I parachute
High as a paratroop, old school like a pair of Troops
Rappers wear a suit, cause this bully gon' bury you
I'll disable y'all, niggas agitated like the cable off
Southern niggas spilling hot sauce on the tablecloth
Think the god's soft, then this K about to break them all
Pussy ass niggas getting jealous cause we taking off
Imma feast, got your bitch cooking quiche
Hundred grand at my nigga's grave, may he rest in peace
Kick game like a priest, I told you, I'm sucker free
Politic with rich Jews, while spilling wine on a fleece
Toast to tomorrow I'm sipping wine on a beach
I rhyme like a beast, the nine inside the Caprice
Garbage ass nigga, your fucking lines is weak
And you can lose life if you fuck with mine, capiche?
I've been this way, show you how the switch blade, penetrate
I fuck hoes, that look like Gabourey Sidibe
I stuff bricks in a pillow case and hit your face
These narcotics got me feeling, like I sit in space
Cash rules everything around me
Money over bitches, told these lame ass hoes to get around me
Eastide killer, I came from DeKalb county
A-Town's royal, you motherfuckers should crown me