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Jarren Benton( Jarren Giovanni Benton )

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Jarren Benton( Jarren Giovanni Benton )

Go Off

feat. Hopsin & SwizZz

Oh my fucking god
Oh my fucking god DANIEL
Turn the fucking nigger music off

[Verse 1: Jarren Benton]
Yeah, I'm an Apex predator, I murder my competitors
I stick a Wu-Tang sword inside of ya retina
Pre-leaded yeah I guzzle regular unleaded gas
Strike a match, spit fire, mu'fucka burn in hell with us
Inhaling dust, I rip off an elephant's tusk
Irrelevant fucks, you want a war against us
We just tore this bitch up
Get the coroner I slaughter ya
My dick don't discriminate, I pork a big slut
We've created a monster!
The son of Lucifer come 'member when you put the Ruger
To ya thermonuclear get that new career
Take your fucking head as a souvenir
Wake up in the morning; what the fuck am I doing here?
I'm the shit in the booth, take a poop in here
Aluminum bat now got his fucking Lumineers
Fuck brakes we don't stop keep moving here
Fuck swag, yeah bitch my whole crew is weird
Yeah, you couldn't fathom my pain
I hated being me, I was mad at my brain
All the hurt that I felt, made me sad and insane
Look back like God I was glad I felt strange
Fuck trying to change for you faggot ass lames
Or you fucks who wouldn't let me get a stab at this game
Now it's FV bitch and I'm back for revenge
'Bout to make you mu'fuckas feel the wrath of my pain

I can't eat, I can't sleep
Why should I give a fuck about what you believe?
If I don't eat, then I don't breathe
They gon' let me in this bitch
God damn I'm about to
Go off (3x)
Until they let me in this bitch
Go off (3x)
And they gon' let me in this bitch

[Verse 2: SwizZz]
Yo bitch in a dress, I'm about to make a mess
Cutthroat, throw up fuckin' snap like a neck
I pull your card out, and stick it back in the deck
Bought a ticket to your show to throw trash at your set
Get bapped with a left if you step like a -- frat dude
Tell me why your older sister has a -- tattoo
Of a zodiac, stamped on her lower back
Perhaps she swallows cum and sucks cock like a VACUUM!
Right? Right, I hit it on the mark
Cuban, I'm going off like a broken car alarm
Feta, Gouda, Cheddar, Provolone, Parmesan
'Til we after that cheese no pizza; Papa John
Like Hakeem Olajuwon we gon' rap it up the ladder
'Til we posted like a status bringing hell to all you faggots
And pussy niggas thinkin' braggin' enjoy the fuckin' baddest
Compete in the pageant and I'll move to Cali and start acting
Made a mistake and had to find myself
Remind myself, fame ain't wealth
Pain don't last, learn to adapt and it's hard to fail
I can give a fuck 'bout no one else
Loyal to the fam and the team we built
Still I rise, what up 'Pac
If I fall, be a very long drop, yep


[Verse 3: Hopsin]
Hey Mr. Benton I came here to rip shit
Got the whole neighborhood waitin' to get this
Niggas better run, it ain't safe in the trenches
It's going down like I'm paying Satan a visit
Wack ass swag niggas, they get suspended
Don't play with the wicked, my hate is intended
I'm in the bathroom, gettin' brain from a midget
She got a fat booty but her face is horrendous!
Yeah, you rap but we the realest who have done it
If you want us on a track, then we killin' you up on it
Like we took a fucking javelin and ran it through your stomach
This is Swizzle, Benton and Hop, we figured you would want it
Dizzy in the clouds, too high to rap now
FV turn it up I like the track loud
You gettin' out of line, we provide the smack-down
I'm so motherfuckin' hyped I could pass out, WOAH
I remember when I was the nigga chillin' in the background
Considered a wack clown, gettin' turned down for deals
Livin' up in my mom's crib with a sad frown
There was days were I wanted to give up and just crumble
But I didn't do it, I just stuck to my hustle
I learned if you want to turn heads in the world
Then you can't give a fuck, go nuts 'til they love you!


Until they let me in this bitch
And they gon' let me in this bitch