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Midnite( Midnite band )

Calm The Day

Haile Selassie I , King Rastafari
I man meant ways ,
Calm the day , Calm your way
Looking like a Sunflare of a Sunspot
Calm the day , Watch your bigger picture, hey
What you want to say , measure it out
In incrimentals in a deribatsy of contemplate
Calm the play , Calm the play ,Calm the day
Doing misty morning for seasoning and
For here say , Kaleidoscope of Colours
In the garden water spray ,Calm the day
Calm the day yeah,
Big big tension on the cohesion
As for the verdict the world awaits
Law make us gave instructions
Before anything out to gate
Calm your say calm your way
Just follow instructions and the possibility
Don't come into play,
A Cacaphony of a barrage of words
Of a Side track a deviate
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Which could have been stopped right there
Calm your way Calm the play ,
Don't follow instructions they couldn't
Use that in the military day ready , say ,
Calm the play ,Oh really ,Calm the day
And all the Sociology a pray that the judgement righteous say ,
Don't tek the delicate to balance in the extreme in either way Calm the day
The play out of the details mek humans
Feel they are humanity ,
Justice is a natural feeling that a billion minds
Convey any day , it will sweep across continent like from the voy thing to galaxy
Rastafari is the highest Lexicon of what reason comply say , Inna hear so which human say ,Calm the day , Calm the day ,Calm your way ooh really calm the day and all the Sociology a pray that the righteous Judgement say ,
Don't take the delicate to balance into extreme either way ,calm the play ,Calm the day ,Calm the day ,Calm the day 👏🏿💯


  1. Special thanks to AIDON for sharing the lyric.