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Northwind Wolves

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Northwind Wolves

Chamber of the ShadowLord

I've been told since the birth of time

Our world is made of light, but there's only death at the end
and it has seen more evil than time itself.

Close your eyes and gaze into
where Only silence can be heard, Creeping shadows roam the night
This dark fog will never disappear
This Dark Fog, Motherfuckin' Fog will never disappear

Waiting for a lot of
Endless screaming
In Fog and Darkness
I walk I disappear
Into the mighty Forest

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Unhallowed by the infernal one we embrace death.

The darkened sky above possesses a sense
of far beyond
I will - Reign again

This once so peaceful place is now
where the dead speak and walk
I fell deeper and deeper as light now was gone
Spread your wings of deepest black

Devour my souls in eternal blasphemy
Lord of infernal, gather my strength
Carry me through the gates

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