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Richard Cheese

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Richard Cheese

Let's Get It Started

And the bass keeps walking walking, walking walking, waaaaalking

In this context, there's no disrespect
So when I bust my rhyme
You break your necks
So loose this inhibition
Follow your intuition
Free your inner soul
And break away from tradition

Cus when we beat out
You wouldn't believe how
Wow shit out

Everybody (yeah)
Everybody (yeah)
Lets get into it (yeah)
Get STOOPID (come on)
Get retarded (come on)
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Get started (yeah)
get retarded

Lets get retardeeeeeeeed, in here, Lets get retardeeeeeeeed, in here,
Woohuu! Woowoo! foul cheese! Yihaa!

(Yeah) Bob that head like epilepsy
Up inside your club, or in your Bentley
(Yeah) Come on now, do not correct it, lets get pregnate, lets get hurt

Lets get retardeeeeeeeed, in here, Lets get retardeeeeeeeed,
wou wou wou wouhuuuu, (in here)
(uhaaa) cuckoo
(woowoo) Ahan
(Lets Get) Shubidoodoo
YA YA (yeah) YA YA YA YA (yeah) YA (yeah) YAYAYES! (yeah!)

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