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Shabba Ranks

So Jah Say

Yes black people (fire)
Yes people, world a people
Especially I & I black people
Mi a chat to unnu inno
Yuh try a little grudge, yuh try a little corruption
Yuh try drugs
Unnu just a say love an unnu naah try love
Well right now inno, wi a follow the prophets
and the priests from the days before

So Jah say and all his prophets before wi
Say wi fi live in love and unity, yeah
So rasta say and all di rasses before wi
Say wi fi live in love and unity

So Jah say, Africans come together
East west north and South Africa
Imploma say, wi must unite together
If wi nuh organize and unite wi nuh have a future
Selassie say, let there be a united Africa
And Ethiopia fi be the headquarter
But some fool guh behind the back of the son of Jah Jah
From dat day till now wi dont stop suffer
Yuh nuh want to unite and organize with your brother
But yuh quick to smoke and drink liquor with a stranger
When mi waan more than black I wish dat I get blacker
This is a black lion heated so inna temper
Could never forget the struggle of poor mama Africa
The big ship it a sail cross the water
An now di ship it guh dock up inna Jamaica
Step offa di ship fi face plantation owner
Whip a buss cross mi back an a tear mi shoulder
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Mi haffi run away like mi bredda whey dem call Kunta
Runaway to stay inna Runaway Bay
The struggle of Africa cannot go away
It hitch up inna mi brain mi rewind an play
So the younger generation nuh bow to folly
Repeat 1st six lines of verse 1

Listen, black is wi joy and pride
How can you forget that is the same boat wi ride
Kill wi one anedda an a promote genocide
Whey di hol a dem a guh wid dem satan vibes
Hurt mi so much mi haffi mek a lot a noise

Dig up corruption from under disguise
Bring reality to the yute them eyes
Show dem nuh fi follow di pope and his guys
Tell dem say accept the knowledge of the wise
So dem dont be a victim being victimized, yeah

If the Jews do not forget Hitler and his army
How can we forget the struggle which is slavery
Things that the wicked duh do not seems to amaze mi
Cause dem nuh build no school fi educate wi pickney
Instead dem build jailhouse and penetentiary
Unjustify judge waan find wi guilty
An dem think a ghetto yute a menace to society
So you check you ma brother and me check me
An bring more love inna di black community
Unity is strength between you and me
So Jah Jah say, and rasta say