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Therefore I Am

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Therefore I Am

The Modern World, A Battlefield

It's falling out of place again
Another day, another one is gone with the speed of the sun
Holding on was always the worst choice I chose to make
So please forget that I ever existed
'Cause I've already moved on
I keep retracing these patterns
I'm getting caught in all of this again and again
I keep deleting these numbers because I know I can't keep chasing them around
It's just a matter of time now before my limbs give out on us
Yeah, even she said so sarcastically during a long night talk
Prior to three months that we'd lost.
'Just run away, its the best way to fix all those fading friendships we've lost'
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So answer this then, what's left to do when you've got no one around you?
When everyone you know is a ghost
When everything you hold in your hands keeps slipping away
Well, still you say I never give enough
I never open up
Well, you got it, here I am
I scream in front of random people on random nights of the week
Spilling my guts for strangers, writing my life on paper
Here I am

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