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Give You The World - New Album Version

I'm a give you the wolrd
Yeah Baby!

Through the fire through the rain
Through the joy and the pain
Este amor remains the same
I'm a give you the world
Through the fights through the change
Through the nights through the days
Este amor remains the same
I'm a give you the world

I'm a give u the world ma
And everything in it
For them nights that u wanted to leave
And u didn't
U stood on your truthful square
And these women
Would give their lifes to sit where u sittin'
Your the best of the best ma
Last of a dime breed
Damn all dem half (hoes)that ride with me
When they say they love me
I know they're lying to me
In your spot where they tryinq to be
I think I found u finally
She said she wants to
Make a little baby devine for me
She understands where I'm trying to be
She was right there
Before a&r 1 sign us see
I'm on my grind you see
Smoke the finest trees
She give me my space and privacy
And I'm honestly tryin' to give her the world
Rap the globe in a bow
Like here u go girl

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Contra viento y marea, tormenta y odicea
Tu siempre espera, aguanta y te quedas(y te quedas)
At first a little bit pero ahora no pelea
Just bills (just bills)
Que ya nuestro dia llega
Ahora vera como tiro candela
Monte un imperio en el mercado alla fuera
(ya vera)
Que mientra mas dinero mas problemas
More problems just stick with me to solve them
And we'll do it
We already been through it
Sigues ahi when I blew it and '
Now I'm changed
Te juro que ma life change
Y e cambiado por ti
No por lo chavos ni el fame
Tu eres mi noche, mi dia
El amor de toda mi vida
El sabor de mi fantasia
Mi dueña, la amada mia
Mi julieta, mi bebe y mi muñeca
Cuanto quisiera regalarte el planeta

Everytime u hit the ground boy
I'll hold u down boy I'll never skip town boy
I'll be around boy
U can count on me
I'm a follow through
If u neeed it here real
I'm a be the truth
Yes see
U ain't never got nothing to worry about
If u burn by the fire I'm a carry u out
Just holla when u need me around
Cause I got u like u got me
I'm forever baby holding u down