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The Neighbourhood( THE NBHD )

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The Neighbourhood( THE NBHD )

Kill Us All

Lyricist:Jesse James Rutherford
Composer:Michael Margott, Jesse James Rutherford, Lars Stalfors, Zachary Abels, Jeremiah Freedman, Brandon Fried

Yo, I drop gems like a bad jewel thief, I'm Kool Keith
Dr. Octagon with a delivery from the Octomom
The Unabomber with a unibrow, I stay connected
I make sure that the globe gets infected
Explosion, earthquakes, mudslides, erosion
Global domination, I'ma set it to a motion
Emotion only for the weaker being, make sure that nobody see
And show my intellect 'cause I'm a evil genius
Futurama, I hope you're ready to fry
You expect me to talk, I expect you to die
I hang you out to dry from the washing machine
It's like a movie critic way I'm peeping the scene, son
Said and done, when it's finished, my nigga, finito
When I go out, I go out with a pound of C4
This for everybody out there tryna play a hero

Yeah, it just might kill us all
It just might kill us all (yeah)
It just might kill us all (you know)
It just might kill us all (yeah, yeah, uh)
It just might kill us all

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Be on watch, you know they wanna kill us all
Kill us all, yeah, can I die yet? Come along

1:25 in the valley, treading on a heatwave
I think we set the sky on fire, breathing in every day
Before you rise like a phoenix, you gotta play Jean Grey
I just wanna flex, I don't wanna be another ex, yeah
Keep it all up in my head now, when I see red, it's a let down
Always finding different ways to get down
Whole wide world gone to shit now but I can't quit now
Never been the type to just sit down
And shut up, enemies tryna run up, homie, but I keep it all 100
Minute that the sun up, I'm thinking 'bout the money

Yeah, it just might kill us all
It just might kill us all
It just might kill us all
It just might kill us all (yeah)

Fuck it, I love it
Hey, Jesse, run up the budget

I don't know what kind of idiot you think is gonna fall for this scam but you people are in trouble. You contacted the wrong person, bye