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DJ Khaled( Khaled Mohamed Khaled )

Black Ghost

We da, weAnnotate da
Da best
Sping of ours

[Verse 1:]
Yo! Most hated, incorporated with wealth
Underrated, I felt had to operate it with help
Separated myself in these decorated to bail
Got educated and dealt with places safe than the melt
God gift as a kid, blockin up all previous
Like who's not scared of chain too on that park bench
Watch keep shit and shapon sick
You stick to conscience, hit the corner, take over walkmens
Like G money and that Wrangler
Showin this new drug that I had, niggas it's danger
Spittin Basquiat, I'm a painter
Every hard verse, great off work, you can hang up
No need to read the book when the author's here
Everywhere I look feds parkin here
Empty out the clip in yo partner's beard
Why'd he get a shave? Anesthesia and the partners chill

[Hook: x2]
Yo I be creepin slow in the black ghost (all day)
See me slickin those off the black ghost (wussup)
I be fuckin hoes in the black ghost (hah!)
Getting high, UFO in the black ghost

[Verse 2:]
All my niggas can wait 'cus soon all my niggas be straight
And all my niggas will wait then what? All my niggas is safe
Banana clips with the K so that all my niggas be safe
The quick to pitch every day, you don't know my niggas be late
Wait, Frank Noola when I'm last tappin er
Dom's all up in his face like the smack ballad
Was in the lake but move water like the back paddle
They try to name the place so all deserve to mack at you
B4 the C4
Was drug trafficking, travelling, make em detour
Payin preachers, coliseum, listen we need more
Grantin wishes, drippin 6's, preachers off D4
We da best, I don't see the rest
And I'm a be the best so I don't need the rest
Need a short stopper, not without a G to catch
My niggas drove high faster than a G a pack

[Hook: x2]

I'm gone

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