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Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj

Young Money Ballaz

[** feat. Lil' Wayne:]

[Lil Wayne:]
Chea! Young Mula Babaaay! Good mornin New York?*

[Nicki Minaj:]
Wad up New Orleans? What You Want Me to do Weezy? (Get Em)
Alright daddy (Nicki Lewenski)

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
I got a fetish for boys that's pushin them nice toys
A fetish for boys that's fresher than altoids
I got a thing for a dude in a fresh pair of Mauries
If he rockin em right, then I might let em call me

He bought the Prada bag with the Prada heals with it
The Louis duffle bag had about a mill in it
Flew me to Trinidad, man I should of been did it
Cause everything I had (had to double them digits)

Now that's the kind of dude that can roll with the president
Sit up in the Rollz, maybe roll to my residence
Hang around, Fendi, he love my spaghetti
He let me do my thing, he don't ever act petty

If he ringing, I'm dippin, put the ring in my lip in
I just give em wink, what the fuck did ya think?
Now he spending and trickin
So the chickens is trippin, I'm like, I'm Like, I'm Like...

That's what my girls say, everyday's my birthday
Young Money sippin' Roz-ay when we thirsty

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
That mean I live by the beach, sand on the welcome mat
Flyer than a falcon black
Tires, black rims, just to help em look good in the summer

My car look better than your women
My women look better than your momma
And I don't want her name or her number
Just some brain from her, naw I ain't came in a Hummer

That's a Bently all on her
I'm nasty on a beat like The Runner
I'm a runner, I'm a gunner with a gun
And a dear right infront em

I'm a send em to who brung em
Let nina ross tongue em
Oh, back to the subject
I'm ballin without a budget, I'm a big spender...

But I ain't done and I'm keep that shit runnin
Like I'm Marshall Falk son and on a Sunday
I'm Devin Hester, you don't want to punt it
You do it but I done it, I sunt it, I spun it

That's what my girls say, everyday's my birthday
Young Money sippin' Roz-ay when we thirsty