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Lover Not a Fighter (feat. Labrinth)

Well I'm a lover not a fighter
So I kiss that girl and say goodbye now
Cause I came for kicks not for arguments
No woah oh oh
'Cause I'm a lover not a fighter

Leave a message after the beep

Somebody fill in the gaps, somebody fill in the dots
I feel like Cruella de Vil the way I be stealing the spot
When all the shutters is down, bitch we be still in the shop
I shop for clothes when it's closed, that's why I feel like the boss
In my vintage eBay watch, that's why I feel like the Hoff
Weren't gonna wait for no institute not to gimme a job
These critics giving me bollocks, that's why I give em my crotch
These paps are getting too nosey, that's why I give em my snot
Cause I just tripled my cost of living: steak, salmon, lobster, chicken
That's made in my Boffi kitchen by Rosa Dacosta women
Come from Disturbing London, the city of foster children
Grateful what God has given save us from constant sin
In the city of God, I'm from the city of God
Bitch, I've been up in the Shard, I really been at the top
Separate the man from the man dem, find out who's real and who's not
Can't take the heat? Then get out the kitchen and gimme the pot
You know what?

Well I'm a lover not a fighter
So I kiss that girl and say goodbye now
Cause I came for kicks not for arguments
No woah oh oh 'cause I'm a lover not a fighter
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I used to sit on the settee eating a tin of spaghetti
Now women think that I'm sexy because I been on the telly
Car like 007, them alloys spin in Pirellis
I'm with a gold digging heffa, I call her Miss Moneypenny
Well is it real? Is it fake? Somebody gimme a break
I grew up on minimum wage and I grew up in an estate
These rappers calling me bruv and they can't even relate
Are they even ready and willing do anything that it takes?
I saw my teacher from college, she says she thinks that I'm great
I'm gonna give her the D cause she never gimme an A
She's tryna get in my jeans, I'm tryna kick off my Js
Take off my D&Gs and give her my DNA, cause
All these bitches be loving me, sipping my bubbly
Watching Hangover hungover, be the quickest recovery
Couple bad grades, I did shit in my study leave
And now she wants my name and a kiss on them double Ds
And I love it

I've got too much love to burn babe
Ain't got no time to exchange words babe
Things to do people to see
Yeah I guess we all gotta play the game

Well I'm a lover not a fighter
So I kiss that girl and say goodbye now
Cause I came for kicks not for arguments
No woah oh oh 'cause I'm a lover not a fighter

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