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Tinie Tempah

Racks On Racks Remix

Got a campaign going so strong
Getting brain when Im talking on the phone
Spend money when ya money this long
real street niggas aint no clone
we at the top where we belong
Drank lean, rose, patron.
Smoking on 1000 dollars worth of strong
when the club bout to hear this song

we got racks on racks on racks(repeated)

Let me see one hand in the air
Raise ya glass lemme hear ya say cheers
Spent most my life in the air
More than 100 times this year
I got a chain that I don't even wear(uhuh)
My eyes red like medium rare
I got a bout 10 girls that I share
With a few of them football players

Im a CEO and boss
Where the fuck my round of applause
I dont go to the tap for water
Nigga all I drink is Voss
I got a sold out arena tour
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Rent a car with a lot of ..........
I've been invited to the house of Lords
Fuck 'em all, Fuck 'em all, your boares.

I know grandpa, played au pair
Got girls from the UK and the US
All the ghetto chicks here are so touchful
When American girls calling collect
But I never ever ever except
Cuz the UK is where I rep
Shout out to Adele, Jessie and Ellie!!
Lets keep breaking the US!!

I got plaques on plaques on plaques
Bet I'd pass the max
If it ain't at the ....In London
then Im on fifth Av and Sachs
Now Im in another Bracket
I pay Tax on tax on tax
UK, US and Europe
I got plaques on Plaques on plaques

Repeat Chorus

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