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A Blessed Land That's Free


A blessed angel stands by me
In an isle of fortunes by the sea
She says, choose your anchors wisely, there is a peace at stake
My blessed angel calls out to me
Telling me of nature's delicate plea
Choose your pastures wisely or ever be someone
And sorry as can be
Longing for that tree
The proverbial apple tree
Of a promiseland that's free

Oh! My one true love sets His sails out to sea
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Flying our flag of jamboree
And as the waters deepen, far out at sea
He sets a righteous course for me

The evening ages us gracefully
When it's a life we've spent honestly
Wherever he is present
Forever there will be
For me

A promiseland that's free
A shining land that's free
Where miracles will be
A land of jubilee

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