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Rick Ross( William Leonard Roberts II )

Bait (Remix)

[Verse 1:2 Chainz]
Work, work, work, work, stashed up at my girl's spot
Hair weave killer had on Louie's in my mug shot
Yeah, yeah, one shot, two shot, three
Damn I pull up with this mother fucker fish tailing
And I'm raw, fish scale
Bloomingdale and Neiman Marcus
Take the beat and make it a carcass
Shop at Saks Fifth like it's a Target
Closet the size of your apartment
I'm swagged up so don't try me
Bank roll is my ID
When I pulled out she hopping in
Make your main girl my side piece
Listening to that old Jay-Z
One eye open like CBS
So much Promethazine I'm VIP at CVS
Long way from EBT
Every time I spit it's a DVD
And I don't care if she gone, in a long skirt
I'll take her home and do her like homework

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Creeping on the campus in my new Camaro
Cover of the Washington Post, Solbiato apparel
Ross and Folarin, couple women
Got them thugs with me, yeah, we about that business
I'm talking Ambition, I could spell it for you
Rev up the Lamborghini, and hail it for you
My pocket's fat, somebody check my blood pressure
Red Bottom's a stack, there goes a double bidder
I can't throw no ones, only tens or better
Since Wale met me he only rode a Benz or better
Double MG, we millionaires
Shawty my bait, she say she never scared

[Hook: TCB (Wale)]
Bait, bait, bait, bait, bait
Who's on my line? Who's on my line?
I'm blowing up, these bitches calling me
Bait, bait, bait, bait, bait
I snatch your girl if you're slipping
She's on my line like I'm fishing I got that
(Work, work, work, work
Yeah you know I got that work
I'm why baby mommas leave
I'm why baby fathers kirk)
I snatch your girl if you're slipping
Double MG not to mention

[Verse 3: Trey Songz]
Touching on that ass, tryna get a feel
I just had to ask, tell me if it's real
I ain't tryna diss you
It's really not an issue
If it's fake or if it's real I'mma keep you on my reel, still
Bait baby, wait baby
Why don't you just get a little taste baby
I will never judge, fuck a judge, fuck a case baby
Ooh shawty, you shawty, come and be my new boo shawty
Listen, I'm fishing, you bitch niggas is missing I got that

[Verse 4: Wale]
Yeah you know I got that work, women second, family first
Money never ever hurt 'cuz rapping got a lot of perks
Hold up, wait, these Nikes don't got no date
It ain't gon' be no back and forth
But I do quite well with all the bait
That remix flow, Mocco bread, PG though
165 and I'm not surprised see my flow yuck! My CD gross!
Black Ghost, white driver, such an Oreo, I'm thinking out loud
In the back seat and it's getting quite loud
Point 'em all out, I can sit 'em all down
Double MG, what about y'all?
These SB's ain't never coming out
God Forgive and We Don't, keep my circle small you can't get in my crowd
104, that MLK, know I gotta be Landover out the way
And I gotta thank the young boy Alizay
We gon' rep the city of Folarin straight, that bait


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