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Fort Minor

Tom Sawyer (All Night) (Remix)

[Verse One][Apathy]
I break your brain cells off at the stem
Your status is stupider
Ap is a nuclear blast, heart blacker than Lucifer
I can sit and write a list of all the shit I would do to ya
Head so big, I rest my fitted cap on Jupiter
You're ain't built like this
You're a soft carbon copy
A Care Bear compared to an Autobot's body
For raps like crack, I supply to the blocks
Drop pipes, cop mics, say goodbye to your rocks
I'm a motherfuckin' star, the status of John Lennon
Y'all are Ordinary People singin' to John Legend
Write a track dissin' Ap?
Better X that out
I don't play that, like rap in a rednecks house
I can have your brain cells spinnin' quicker than Spreewells
Your female, e-mailin' me all your details
I don't dig up dirt, I shake the Earth
And I never say names, I wouldn't waste a verse
Off of the top, I'm hot
And when they dare me to write
Prepare to carry a mic to a burial site
I'm a Pioneer, fuckin' up stereotypes
I snatched chains as a kid and made you carry your bikes
I got an addition to spittin' shit that's heroine like
Story tellers, speak of tellin' the American plight
Money blower, funny though, it seems embarrassin' right?
Rock shoes, blow the dough on a pair of Air Nikes
All night

[Verse Two][Tak](of Styles Of Beyond)
Yeah, yo
You know the rules I cruise with a tough band
You in the fuckin' closet with brooms and a dust pan
I clean sweep your fleet, body softer than gelatin
Now you on the mic, yeah right, my life and your skeleton, dummy
I'm in the place, you can tell when it's bloody
I'll freakin', pay for your face, straight e-mail you the money
I'm ready and willin' to watch, spine sever the flesh
Let's see if I don't kill him in five seconds or less
I keep comin' back like rashes on an infant
You don't want a chance to clash with the Magnificent
Seven of us, it's heaven but never enough
So I tighten the vice grip, so his head will get crushed
I'm out of sight now, deep in this music
Leavin' 'em upside down, fiendin' for new shit
Ribkat is the wrong pal to creep in the booth with
Blow a hole in your back just to eat off a soup dish
You bitch

[Verse Three][Celph Titled]
Yo, the Demigodz stands for killers
More specifically we Deadly Entertainers
Maniac, Ignorant GODZillas
And we
Never took the route them other crooks took
Cause we kept recipes for human flesh in my mother's cook book
Get souffled in more ways than ten
Celph Titled flow is chokin' the wind
My favorite past time is soakin' in sin
The most accurate sharp shooter with no scope
Shoot with my left and watch you all die from second-hand smoke
I'm reppin' my fam so
You better act cool
My soul will make a Quege board jump up and slap you, dummy
You not thinkin' smart
I bust so many blammers and blickers
That I should start a rock band called Blinkin' Spark
Sinkin' sharks with no harpoons
My arsenal is saw blade, carbon tools, sliddin' your coffin' through
Apathy's insane and I'm the same as my brother
I'm like a circus show sniper
I aim for the jugular
Catch a case and before the judge can slam down the gavel
The whole room duckin' and hide from grenade shrapnel
These rap verses I be breezin' through
Cause I'm like a celibate under oath
Unfucking believable

It's Demigodz
Fort Minor
You heard of us
Styles Of Beyond
You heard of us, the murderous

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