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Tim Mcgraw( Samuel Timothy McGraw )

Meanwhile Back At Mama's

(with Faith Hill)

[Verse 1:Tim McGraw]
Runnin round in this new truck
Bank lets me borrow from month to month
I'm runnin out of credit, find a little Cash on the radio
Standin still they're blowin past, numbers on cars goin NASCAR fast
What I wouldn't give for a slow down, don't ya know?
Cause where I come from, only the horses run
When the day is done, we take it easy

[Chorus: Tim McGraw]
Meanwhile back at Mama's
The porch light's on, come on in if you wanna
Supper's on the stove and beer's in the fridge
Red sun sinkin' out low on the ridge
Games on the tube and Daddy smokes cigarettes
Whiskey keeps his whistle wet
Funny the things you thought you'd never miss
In a world gone crazy as this

[Verse 2: Tim McGraw]
Well I found a girl and we don't fit in here
Talk about how hard it is to breathe here
Even with the windows down can't catch a southern breeze here
One of these days gonna pack it up and leave here

[Chorus: Both]

[Bridge: Both]
Oh I miss yeah a little dirt on the road, I miss corn growin in a row
I miss being somebody everybody knows, there everybody knows everybody
I miss those small town routes, walkin around in muddy boots
The sound of rain on an old tin roof
It's time we head on back

[Chorus: Both]
Cause meanwhile back at Mama's
The for sale sign's goin up and I'm gonna
Dump this truck and the little I got
On a loan to own and a three-acre lot
Put supper on the stove and beer in the fridge
Goin' for broke and we're gonna be rich
Watch the sun settin on the ridge
Baby tell me what you think about this

[Outro: Both]
Me and you back at Mama's
Yeah me and you back at Mama's

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