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Swollen Members

Mr. Impossible

Mr. Impossible can do the most amazing things*
For instance, he can jump over a house
[whistling sound]Impossible!

[Mad Child:]
Yo, ay
I ain't foreign man, you call me Norrin Radd
Most of these new rappers suck but most of them they aren't bad
Madchild like Kid Cudi, he is hella cool
I like Jay Electronica, Blue, and Yelawolf
Evidence and Saigon, I'm a fuckin python
Dark icon, even when the fuckin light's on
Shoot me with the glock yeah, shoot me with the Nikon
Shoot me fuckin groupies eatin sushi with my Nikes on
Rockin Gucci makin hype songs
I'm a Battle Axe Warrior, that is life-long
As a matter fact, got a axe in my right palm
Plus I got a knife in my left that is quite long
Thank God for replenishment, now I'm power limitless
I devour enemies, rappin like there's ten of me
Crawl like a tarantula, creep like a centipede
Madchild from S&M, they'll remember me
I'm a renegade, stoned drinkin lemonade
I'm a heavyweight, poems like I'm Hemingway
Human pipebomb, everything wrong
Little Hulk smash (RRAH!) little King Kong
I don't care though, I'm a weirdo
Glasses at night, let my nails and my beard grow
I'm a werewolf starin like a scarecrow

'I'm scaling this wall just as easily as I can walk!' - [Spider-Man]

(True Blood) like Anna Paquin, a radioactive arachnid
4th of November, scorpion poison forever preserved
in viles of pirates a spiral staircase trance
Feel the web get tighter as the spider's enliven
The Silver Surfer beside me glidin through space in the infinite
while the others stay limited rearrange the derivative
Spit a rhythm like rivets and build a city in dream time
(Inception) like DiCaprio your mind is the scene of the crime
(I need a push) Give me mine cause limited time is only allotted
I'm paintin verbal high with Basquiat and Jackson Pollock
Take my archaeological logic, my architectural office
Bloodhounds can lead you to the carcass as officers
Battle Axe clan wars harpoons and spears
I'm harvestin the crop that I planted last year
Walk upon a lonely planet, no plants dead yeah
Eatin red meat, oppose those who dare come near
Mr. Impossible