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Swollen Members

The Difference / Watts60 Interlude

I was born to perform, bright lights on Broadway
A microphone soldier of love like [?]
So all day long, these smooth operators
Make moves, get a shovel, dig a tomb for the haters,
Innovators of the greatest rap music around
SNM once again hear the base drum pound
Don't you love it when a sound come together like this?
Like when a plan comes together on some A-Team shit?
On some gold chain, Mr T I pity the fool
B-A, bad attitude, Battle Axe rules
Warriors, warriors, symbols of justice
We grow every day so theres much more of us
Brothers in the movement that multiply quickly
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We all around the world not on some one city picky,
You get me? Good, no need to repeat it then
SNM's the kinda group that you should be believin' in

Okay, mad skilled, crazy as fuck, I'm not very calm
Kids going crazy like its Knotts Berry Farm
Aye, I got a pocket full of cherry bombs
Madchild scary storm, running like a marathon
People look at me like am Hannibal Lecter
A cannibal from Canada, this man'll dissect ya
[?]mechanical, sick and got no antidote
You got the wrong guy, I do not come from no banana boat
An animal, that ain't so fuckin' animalistic
Rhyme like a cannibal that lands in the distance
And everybody knows that I'm a man of persistence
I come equipped with gifts like I was Santa at Christmas
And all I want for Christmas is a whole, new set of teeth
Ready for whats coming, yeah my whole crew better be
Game changed, that don't mean we ain't gonn' win still
Been around since EZ Rock was rockin' a windmill
And [?]was taggin' on the walls [?]
[?]the bomb and we gonn' get a second chance to blow up
I'm still a torturous kid, don't wanna grow up
Still killing shows, only difference I ain't [?]
It ain't change nothin' but a number dog
More experience, a living walking underdog
Light dim might shine bright, we shuttin shit down
Walk into a [?]see the cocky fuckers sit down
They don't want a problem with the goblin
I'm a [?]direct
Red rum, head hunt, like I'm fuckin Boba Fett
Sober I am colder now a cobra with the flow for death
And I don't hear no fat lady singin' it ain't over yet!
Yeah, man this shit feel, real real good.
We got our battle-axe warriors battling 3000 strong man we just started
Beautiful death machine
Beautiful death machine
Beautiful death machine
Swollen Members in the house