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Burn Radio Burn

'Man, wackass radio stations man play the same shit over and over and over, wackass shit. Stupid ass dumb ass shit. When you got shit like my shit, som real shit, you want them to play that shit, these fakeass niggas want you to pay. Fuck y'all niggas
I'ma do it like this'

People be looking at the villain
Damn this nigga be killing
Get at my nigga for tracks
Ski already got my back
Me and E-A from Cali to VA
Big up to Kay-Slay fuck these other DJs
Scared to play the villain, scared to rebail
Scared to go against the grain, go and tuck your tail
Radio DJ's don't give your niggas these replays
They be giving these wack fools back to back for plenty of days
It's plenty of ways to call these niggas out
Fake wannabe celebrities no doubt
I'm with Tech and Sway, I'm wake-up showin
Why these DJs on the air keep hoein'
I'ma call them out if they don't play this
Villain been waiting to say this, not feeling your playlist
One more line for the to come in
Y'all know this shit is bumping, villain be lyrically dumping

DJ's don't wanne play my shit
Do I make you afraid by the way I spit?
Killing the game for fame start raising the standard
Man I swear these bitch niggas are cancer
Burn the radio down I'ma make them suffer
Burn the radio down cause they running from us
Burn the radio down better run for cover
We don't wan't our music watered down in this mothafucka

I'm giving it up to all the rebels that gone bump this
Wack niggas in the game can't trump this
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Radio station looking for that pay out
When they burn your shit down find a way out
This is hip hop, but y'all killing the culture
Filling the belly of vultures, trying to get rid of the soldiers
Bumping this crack babies daily, making the villain crazy
Record sounding lazy, programmers shady
Whatever happened to them 15-80 days
If your shit was dope, that was getting played
When you can make something tight, didn't have to bite
Didn't have to fight to get your record played at night
Didn't have to kiss ass or do free shows
Or they drive your record out like free repose
But today I see it's all about the zeroes
They want these sellout niggas for your heroes

You can find the homie Ren on the internet
That's where they play me, they ain't gotta pay me
I ain't bout to kiss ass just to get played
The old G's wanna hear a nigga anyway
When you niggas say it's that rebel music
Throw your shit in the air, we about to lose it
We about to go berzerk on these new fools
That wanna jump up in the game, but don't know the rules
They make a whole lot of noise, but they ain't saying nothing
Got to concentrate hard when they play you something
But I ain't tryna hate, it ain't all of them
But the ones tight people drop the ball on them
Giving it up to everybody writing for a purpose
Keeping the realness alive, fighting to survive
But like I said it's all about the zero's
They want these wackass niggas for your hero's

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