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MC Ren

Villainist Tales

[Verse 1:MC Ren]
I'm rulin' you niggaz, from high up above
So bow down bitches, show the Villain some love
Let the baritone seat, gettin' fucked up on the weak
Gettin' fuck the Police
Mothafucker give me a drink
Hard nigga swervin, burnin' the street
I done drop my fuckin' blunt, now it's burnin' the seat
See my nigga 'HIGH!' then crack me a bitch
They take my ass to the crib to smoke a little bit
And laugh of all you niggaz be tryin' to do it
So keep your ass back, my son passed out
You niggaz have to be whack, your mamma be jockin'
But can you blame that bitch, how these hoes be blockin?
They want the Villain, they want my ass stretched out
'Tripe X' shit with my nuts in their mouths
Because I'm Bout It! Bout It!, nigga gotta shout it
And if I tell you I'm the best mothafucker don't doubt it

[Chorus: MC Ren X2]
These are the tales, the Villainist Tales
These are the Tales, a nigga knows so well

[Verse 2: MC Ren]
How many whack niggaz must get dissed?
Before the Villain say: YOU CAN'T FUCK THIS!
This shit'll blow your fuckin' brain into pieces
When you're dealin' with the villain, niggaz dyin' to meet us
Whores tryin' to great us, every state that I'm in
And Bitch-Ass-Niggaz wait to hate once again
Can't help them selves, they're born a pussy
Doin' this shit up in your hood but your ass is a rookie
These niggaz out side posted it up by the curb
In a hurtle like a team while they're passin' the herb
See the Punk-Ass-Police, run up on the whole east
Talkin' that shit, mothafucker you don't know me
Nigga, I'm Ren, I'm the shit around here
Your weak ass only been rappin' for a year
Shut your ass up, take your bitch and walk
I'm statin' a fuckin' word, unless you told to talk

[Chorus: MC Ren X4]
These are the tales, the Villainist Tales
These are the Tales, a nigga knows so well