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MC Ren

West Coastin'

West coastin, coastin, coastin
West coastin, coastin, coastin
Y'all chillin' wit the villian right now (x3)
West coastin, coastin, coastin

Nigga ren up back in this motherfucker
Ya niggaz in trouble, ya motherfuckaz
Ya make me laugh how you bit shit
Ren come around and make it yo' shit
You upon a dick you can help it
Yo shit sound too good shit I can smell it
Fo' yo' bitch ass make it turn around
You can see a true legend from the com' town
Not an artificial or fake villian
I'm the truth homie live and in flesh nigga
Still west coastin', puffin' kush
Still hittin' corners, still fuck Bush
I know we out of this, villian still mesh
I got the brand new swisher sittin' on the dash
This is for the west, nigga pumpin' loud
Motherfuckin' villian 'bout to turn yo bitches out

West coastin, coastin, coastin
What we're doin'
West coastin, coastin, coastin
Y'all chillin' wit the villian right now (x3)
West coastin, coastin, coastin

Verse two, back in this motherfucker
Y'all niggaz some bitches, ya motherfuckers
Ya shit whack, ya playin' games
Nigga fuck you and the fake (...) you claimin'
Ya make me reign, this shit played out
When you're the villian every check gettin' paid out
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Ain't gotta floss by some fuckin' money
This how you know, you never had the shit before
Close the door ho', you ain't smoke out
My niggaz up in here, bitch gettin chocked out
In the studio west coastin'
And know that good shit next to the ocean
(...) hip hop strikin' back
You wanna try to get a name nigga step back
This fo' the west, ho' pumpin' loud
Half done about to turn your motherfuckers out


What the hell can I say, I'm lovin' L.A.
Sunny weather, best weed all the way to the bay
Fuck the Club niggaz out here lowridin'
Wit a mad bitch on the side (...)
Niggaz hit Crenshaw, niggaz is thuggin'
Me muggin' the villian, homie ain't that somthin'
There's too many bitches for ren to be trippin'
Turn my shit up homie keep on dippin
Sign a autograph fo' that big ol' ass
I promise I'm a hit it in a week and a half
Like my nigga dub get my walk on
Palm trees 'n' weed get my stalk on
Always crackin when you on the west
The niggaz be actin' like bitches try'na test
The one you hear nigga kick the fuck back
And thro' up yo' dub 'till yo' ass come back, nigga

Chorus (x2)

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