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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Say It Ain't So

Oh my motherfuckin' God! Say it ain't so*

Jesus Christ, my name should be Jeebus Mic
Even when I rip the shit, fans leave uptight
Can-I-Bus, spit is in my blood, I'm blessed
Outside the bones but inside the flesh
And yes, if I was focused I could crush you
Cause you sayin' you focused, now how come I can still touch you?
I bust you, then spit some Young Buck shit at you
Cause I still got the heart to go bust me a head or two
The perfect music machine, mechanical being
The most lyrical digital streams the world has ever seen
I did, I do, I does, I am
I will be, I was the same nigga you love
But slugs rain from the sky, it's like the angels want me to die
They push me harder cause they want me to try
A pitbull off the leash, barkin' speech
Like a bull in the pit, liftin you off your feet
I feel like the world's mine, I can park in the street
Kick the world's illest rhyme, police officers weep
People layin' on the concrete exhausted from heat
Watchin' John Kerry spit over some Michael Moore beats
This is a little somethin' that my repertoire boast
I almost was in control of all coasts
I give the fans rhymes to quote, they all dope
Total lyrical landslide, give me all votes
But I can be as quiet as they want me to be
Cause even though they say my name, they ain't talkin to me
They talk to magazines, they talk to MTV
They up on 106 on BET talkin' to Free
Big niggaz actin tough, but they walk like they ankles is cuffed
Who gives a FUCK if your ankles is buff
I can ar-ticulate, I wanna par-ticipate
But they tryin to hold me back with black ball number eight
I pick the microphone up and spark the debate
Ever since ninety-eight I been a target for hate
Jesus Christ! My name should be JeeBus Mic
Even when I rip the shit, fans leave uptight
Fuck it, I'm in the middle of little Italy
With a middleman that didn't know diddly so I killed him lyrically
The Big Pun, energy enters me strengthens me
Lay you on the floor, shoot you in the back, make you Centipede
My sense of speed is ten over three
MC times Kay Slay over the motherfuckin MP
My fanbase sit and wait for the comin'
They couldn't follow the leader long enough so I drug 'em

Yo Kay Slay, can I bust 'em?