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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Cypher Of Five Mics

'Hit you so hard my hand breaks and my shoulder dislocates'

[Chino XL]
I murder a sixteen to the point that it's embarrassing
Hide a grenade in my jeans, douse the booth in kerosine
Shatter your heart's main vein pipe
Insane at night I might have your career disappear in plain sight
Throw you off the top of a church, stab you with a steeple
I'm bloodying punchlines like I assaulted a hundred zebras
None believers in the lair with Jesus' haters
To save it, they're afraid since my native halo in the cradle
Became a famous behemoth misbehaving angel
Insane but able with razors scraping your face through ya neighbours naval
A fatal fable, from Satan's table with an unstable brain cable
I'm hateful, blame it on being bi-racial
I'm psychologically an anomaly, should be given formal apologies
Honestly, a human oddity
A commodity, ___ when raven spitting his blood spilling
Chino so stuck up, gotta peel me off the fucking ceiling
I'm bringing so much beef it'll make a Hindu kneel
So hard to kill you, heart's _____, beat you 'til you partial gristle tissue
Too fast for a photo, I slash the rapper who would be homo
Leave them just skull and crosses like Jack Ass' movie logo
Burn down your fucking apartment, barricade the fire escape
What I spit is __, you make nightmares try to stay awake
Never had a fly quote, nigga you and I know
The best thing you'll ever write is a suicide note

Canibus and Chino XL, rebels from Hell
He's a giant I'm a stinger missile toting keebler elf
Keep to myself strategic for stealth
If I don't need it I leave it believe it I kept it greasy for more than 60 seasons,
Tear the target to pieces reload and repeat it
I got a billion bars but I ain't got the time to release it
And you ain't got the time to listen to it
Hitman music, blow a hole through your head and piss through it
Coz you aint' fit to do this
He vocalled it first I vocalled it second,
Lyrics get murdered, we move in and do the forensics
Shut down your studio sessions DNA analysis and collections
'Cause Mic checking is a Rippers Jurisdiction
I'm a telepathic detective,
Blast you with a non-kinetic weapon back to the essence beyond the Outer Limits,
Wicked and wretched send you a message blow your ass out to the desert
Motherfucker's prepare for the unexpected
We meet, symbolic technique anabolic release
Any MC gets weak when he knows he's dead meat
If I strike you'll be red for weeks
You might check in with a beast that'll tan you like the Mexican heat
The steps to my monastery are steep
If you still feeling froggy when we get to the top then lets leap
Inhale the hydrogen mist, then try to get hyper than Bis
It can't get no hyper than this
Lyrical Law hands on jet turbo fans on
Aviators are drawn into a criss-cross sand launch
Turn starboard but still can't dodge,
Bang hard S.O.S call command coms concentrate can't talk
Not out of the woods yet, you can't thank God,
The red baron's hair is as long as Susan Saradon
War Hawks and red hawks launch, out the underground airforce
You bail out like Amelia Earhart
SEER training is for naught
I taught you before I finish my Cigar, you a Prisoner of Lyrical Law
Yea, now I'ma seal the whole area off,
What the fuck you thought? Ain't nobody scaring me off, aight
Niggas be rhyming like they lazy and soft
Get ate by the SpitBoss this is Lyrical Law, yeah
Niggas be rhyming like the lazy and soft
Then get ate by a SpitBoss this is Lyrical Law
Fuck you!!!

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