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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

The Cypher Of Agartha

Darkness, put your lights out
Couldn't fight your way out of a urostomy bag or can of piss man
The strongest ones depart, the weakest ones fought til' they lost
That's called Lyrical Law boss
?? cavalier caravanner with a calculated stare
I stare because doubt is there
I'm a poet not a puppet, you'd think the higher ups would learn from it
They in love with something they can't stomach
Something called nothing, what of it?
I would like to change the subject 'cuz right now you're just talking rubbish
???find ? underneath the brushes
Underneath the tunnels that are hidden in the tundras
Round Table knights with night vision
Night Shamalon(Solomon/Shaman mix?) on the mic spitting on my Shambala visit
Psychologically volatile, not really my style
Joke around, not about me, not about my sound
Appear in the clouds as eyes looking down
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You talk foul, I know what you are now
Density light as a feather expand and contract
Fall out flat, land like cats, lets rap
Get back! Nice with his hands
Nice with a newspaper rolled up tight, assault rifle or knife
24 inch machete, 24 hours to live
Come get me, my THUG Theory deadly
Lyrical Law is tribunal ???
One juro(?) with six faces, they all talk
At the same time til' the people's minds are distraught
Javelin swords you know what they for, split your jaw
Everybody's surprised that you made it this far
Tens of thousands of songs the catalog just goes on
It's Lyrical Law, say no more!

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