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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

The Golden Cypher

That's right, I wreck melody, so much energy
Why get on the track if you can't stand next to me
So much energy it's a felony
Ya microphone memory remember me, this is your penalty
You can't keep up mentally, you can't rhyme intelligently
Do it on the track, can't do it in front of me
You fronting, you and your man get all psyched up like it's fight club
Times up, you lost, life sucks
So does your wife slut, got a nice cunt
Last night we wiped white stuff on her butt
True power cannot be achieved by fighting over the mic
You can't compete with Canibus, aight
If your hat's turned to the back and you rap, be prepared to scrap
You don't have to be scared of no strap
Cos your mind overstand all that
Fall back or no more contact with the gods of Rap
Go back to the Lyrical Law lab, first of all you trash
You can't add all the rhymes you had
Your mouth is a wound and your tongue is a scab
This is a concept the young mind doesn't grasp
That old stick in the mud will put a gold bullet in the gun
Show you where red blood comes from
But that's not what you want, you want love
Where does that come from, define that you bum
One thing at a time, intertwined as one mind
The proto in the prime of one perpetual line
No evil one I can divide, no matter the times, try
No matter the lies that claim otherwise
Slumdog drug lord, guns drawn, motherfuck guns laws
Catch a big minigun gun charge
This is Lyrical Law. not lyrical war
This is spiritual god, get your lyrics, get your lyrics...

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