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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Buckingham Palace

Verse 1:

Yo, Yo, Aye Yo!
I stand outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, selling reefer
Puffing a challice with the Beefeaters
Gettin so high that whenever I drop shit
It'll land on the window of your airplane cockpit
Canibus with the hot shit, 'Crazy I. Click'
Niggas is bloody idiots thinkin that they can stop this
I'll increase my strength, to a super human extent
Nigga your rhyme ain't worth sixpence
And if you can hear, smell, see, touch, and taste....
Then you don't need six senses to feel me punch you in the face
From Princeton, to Clapham Common
my lyrics invade Europe like Joseph Stalin
and murder niggaz for rhymin, spittin fire
With gasoline filled saliva, drunk as Lady Diana's driver
with reporters behind her, alcohol in the hands of
a minor - I got you panicking like bombs, with 30 second timers
Clear the building, evacuate women and children
Fuck what you feelin nigga I came here to kill em
Straight shittin', from New York to Great Britain,
And when we do shows we make the Queen pay admission

Canibus: When I say 'Can-I' you say 'Bus'
Canibus: Can-I
Crowd: Bus
Canibus: Can-I
Crowd: Bus
Canibus: When I say 'Can-I' you say 'Bus'
Canibus: Can-I
Crowd: Bus
Canibus: Can-I
Crowd: Bus

Yo, yo
Prepare for the worst, this next verse is the face of death
Me without lyrics is like a porn flick without sex
Illmatic, my lyrical skills are Jurassic
With more flavor then skittles when not digitally mastered
I go off like a cannon, and blow up the planet with 'No Fear'
Like them clothes white boys be wearing
I'm tougher than denim, lethal like venomous snake bites
The marijuana makes my eyes bright red like brake lights
There ain't a party I couldn't rock, believe that
There ain't a microphone brave enough to give me feedback
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I'm strong my word is 'Bond' like James
Niggas be tryin' to test but they 'week' like 7 days
MC's run away when I kick it, they act so chicken
They should come with a large drink and a biscuit
My styles radioactive, massive atomic, I plan to push the Earth
In Front of Halley's comet. Breaking the 'Facts Of Life' down
Like Tudy, I'm raw like sushi, with more vocab, then
Three fucking Fugees. So recognize or be hospitalized
Because lyrically on a scale of 1-10 I'm 25!


Yo, yo, a little bit of weed and some Henessey
Got me ready to set it with kinetic energy
See I need much more energy then my enemies
If I wanna make more Bill's then Bellamy
So I could be on MTV, with women constantly telling me
I resemble Billy D. I make fly rhymes to get my name on the scene
And when I'm on the scene I do shows to get the green
Then I take the green by a automobile machine, for
That thing on page 43, in Jet Magazine
Canibus is the ultimate executioner's dream
Swinging the guillotine
Cause whenever the head is severed from the human body
With a sharp enough weapon, the brain remains conscious for 10 seconds
Long enough for me to give you one last message
And when you get to hell you can tell Lucifer I said it
Don't ever get it confused, fuckin with Canibus
the human Rubix Cube like you got something to prove
Yo, whoever grabs the mic after me'll get booed, and get everything
In the club thrown at you and your crew
From moette bottles to bar stools, fruits and foods
If you got a album, out you get hit with your CD too
Runnin' outside, lying, crying, denying that you ain't
The Gay Rapper, but you got fucked by him
What's the difference, ya'll niggas still ain't in lyrical fitness
Too busy mixing your business, with your bitches
While I be in the lab composing forbidden scriptures
So wicked, I Satan ejaculating on his fingers
Like Dirk Diggler, in the middle of Boogie Nights
Sniffin' white livin' the hype, he ruined his life
But I'm a MC of a different type, yeah that's right
Make sure your shit is right, or I'm a snatch your mic

Chorus to fade

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