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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Broke Ass

I done been from Jersey to Brooklyn
Done been through Queens where the crooks hang
Done been on tour doing group thangs
'Cause I'm always tasting that pootang
Really love it when a girl got a cute name
Got a cute attitude and a cute frame
Got a big ass butt, breasts, and no brain
Them things make a nigga want to shoot game
Now check it, I done been through a few thangs
Done seen a lot more than some loose change
Always been open minded to new thangs
Been a Hip-Hop nigga since youth man
Beat-box and break-dance too man
Used to do electric boogaloos man
Do Egyptian love with two hands
I remember when I lived down south, yo
In a hot ass one story house, yo
Where the A.C. was always going out, yo
Sometime spend a whole day outdoors
We had a block-party, barbeque
Eating food, in the pool
Music got us in that mood
Everybody act a fool
I'ma tell you like this man
Every night I go down to the city man
To the gentlemen's club where my niggaz hang
Them stripper chicks know how to strip man
DJ's be spinning them hits man
Play the Cash-Money clique and the Jigga man
Them hoes be thick but sick man
Every stripper think a mother fucking rich man
Like Sisqo, the R&B singing man
Think I got a bank account with a million man
Case of Crystal cost about six grand
Bitch better get a less expensive brand
Got to stick to the budget when I trick, man
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How about ten dollars for a sip, man?
My whole dance for a ten dollar tip, man
Still waiting on my royalty check, man
How about a rain-check next time, yo?
How about a handful of coupons, yo?
How about tickets to my next five shows
Turn around, let me test that behind, yo
I love a fine ho

Girl, why you trying to get loud, screaming lies
Acting surprised, rolling your eyes
You act like a nigga done committed a crime
You know my elbow just brushed your thigh
Now them guys, twice my size
Trying to throw a nigga like me outside
I be up in this club all the time
But it's the first time that I crossed the line
Damn girl, why you so mean to me?
You know I can't leave, I done lost my keys
Don't throw me out, Mr. Bouncer, please
Let me take the girl up to V.I.P
She was just playing 'cause I'm low on cheese
Look at it, she only got eyes on me
They bloodshot red, so she's smoking weed
You know how these stripper chicks love to tease
I think I left my cell phone back at my seat
I had a couple of drinks and I need a receipt
Follow me to the bathroom to pee
I keep about three G's in my briefs
Damn baby boy, you done ripped my sleeve
I ain't trying to beef, give me room to breath
Why I got to leave, tell me what I done?

God damn girl, give a nigga some love
I'm all out of dubs but I'll give you some ones