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Lyricist:Ruth Chen (曾路得)
Composer:Ruth Chen (曾路得)
Arranger:Joseph Chow (周功成)/David Packer

A young girl's mind Her soul
Her time are filled with imaginations
And throung her life as years slip by
She searches with imitations

And hazy days and misty nights
Along wiht starry eyes
And wishful thoughts with her abide
Reflect her indisposition

A happy home a life worthwhile
On these lies her concentration

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The sun won't shine it's pouring outside
and my words won't rhyme anymore
All my dreams and life Never coincide
And time won't give way no more

And waking from her reveries
Her face pale fantasy-worn
But dreams and hopes like the shadows
on the wall They haunt you till you're torn

Like a fading rose
Her petals fall the light she had
Now it's gone

And time won't wait no more and time
ain't my friend anymore anymore

  1. Special thanks to 超級樂迷 for sharing the lyric.

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