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Lisa Ono

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Lisa Ono

Pretty World

Written:Tiberio Gaspar/Antonio Adolfo/Alan Bergman/Ma

Why don't we take a little piece of summer sky
Hang it on a tree?
For that's the way to start to make a pretty world
For you and for me

And for the sun we'll find a lemon bright balloon
You can hold the string
Oh can't you see this little world of ours will be
The prettiest things?

We can gather rain enough from a stream
To hold our happy faces
If you want a breeze
I'll blow you a kiss or two

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Take me in your arms
And our little world will be the place of places
Nothing else to make
But breakfast and love

We'll hang a little sign that just says
Paradice population two
I know together we can make a pretty world
For me and for you
For you
That's what I'm longing to do
To do
To make a world with you

To make a world with you