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Green Day

Bouncing Off the Wall

Producer:Green Day

[Verse 1]
Concrete dream - hey
I'm gonna make a scene:radio
Caught burning gasoline, sleeping in reverse
And everybody's bouncing off the walls

[Verse 2]
Bombs away - hey
It's just another day
And I don't tread
The secret of the day
I wouldn't sweat it
And everybody's bouncing off the walls
Im bouncing off the walls!

[Verse 3]
Concrete kiss - hey
Come on and do the twist: radio
My little exorcist, we're all getting pissed
And everybody's bouncing off the walls

[Chorus 1 - 2x]
'cause it's all that I want
And I want to be free
I got Satan riding next to me
'cause we're all bloody freaks
And we'll give you the creeps
Chasing fireflies and zeroes

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