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Oh No, Not You Again

Oh no, not you again
I paid you already
Too much times ten
Oh no, not you again
I don't know how it started
But this is the end
There's a gap in your teeth
The words fall through
They spread a virus
And they stick like glue
There's a pain in my neck
And a stone in my shoe
There's a lump in my throat
It was more than I could chew
Oh no, not you again
With your cheque book religion
And your diet coke friends
Oh no, not you again
There's a hole in your foot
You shot it yourself
Pulled the silver trigger
And damaged your health
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I've been dying from exposure
Since I shook your hand
I see California gave you more than a tan
Oh no, not you again
With your world in a bubble
And your gossamer smile
Oh no, not you again
So nice to hear from you
Once in a while
You stuck a knife
In my back
And my blood ran cold
I think you mistook
Me for a bag of gold
But there's justice in
The valley and they
Say it's divine
I've heard all about
Your problems
Now here's some of mine.

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