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The Smashing Pumpkins

Once Upon A Time

Lyrics:Billy Corgan
Music:Billy Corgan

Mother I'm tired
Come surrender my son
Time has ravaged on my soul
No plans to leave but still I go
Fallin' with the leaves
Fallin' out of sleep
To the last goodbyes
Who cares why?
Mother I've tried
Wasting my life
I haven't given up,I lie
To make you so proud in my eyes
Fallin' out of sleep
Crawlin' over me
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To the last goodbyes
Who cares why
Tuesdays come and gone
Restless still I drive
Try to leave it all behind
Fallin', fallin' out of sleep
Fallin', fallin' with the leaves
I go crawlin', crawlin' over me
Once upon a time in my life...
I went falling
Mother I hope you know
That I miss you so
Time has ravaged on my soul
To wipe a mothers tears grown cold

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