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Midnite( Midnite band )【 12 albums 136 lyrics 】
Midnite is a roots reggae band from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, which started playing in 1989.

The band's music follows in tradition with the roots reggae bands of 1970s Jamaica. The lyrical portions of Midnite's compositions are characterized as the 'chant and call' style which gives their music a spiritually intense and an overtly Rastafari movement feel. The lyrics are centrally focused on the plights of the oppressed, the inherent faults of the current political, economic and social settings on a global scale, and the redemption available to mankind through a life dedicated to Jah.

In 2015, the band reformed around co-founder Vaughn Benjamin as Akae Beka without bassist Ron Benjamin. Ras Elyments Took Ron Benjamins Position on Bass. Suren Felton Replaced Ras L on Keys. The reasons for the reformation have been stated as due to 'Life changes, convictions and revelations. Stated on the band website was 'Due to a medical emergency the tour is postponed' Members of the band themselves wont even say during the recent Akae Beka Coronation Tour in November 2015. '. Akae Beka's first performance took place in Denver, Colorado on July 17, 2015 in honor of Nelson Mandela Day.

Vaughn Benjamin
Ron Benjamin
Christian Molina
Edmund Fieulleteau
Edwin Byron
Ras L

Past members
Ambrose 'Amby' Connor
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Stand the Test 2014
1.Ina Zion (Provided)
2.Upfull Day (Provided)
3.News Real Life (Provided)
4.Identify (Provided)
5.Speak Complete (Provided)
6.Stand the Test (Provided)
7.Count Your Blessings (Provided)
8.King Ring (Provided)
9.Ina Culcha (Provided)
10.Survivor (Provided)
11.Put In (Provided)
12.Lamb Skin (Provided)
Ride Tru 2014
1.Calm The Day
2.How I & I Carry On (Provided)
3.Worry Free (Provided)
4.I Beseech Jah (Feat Pressure) (Provided)
5.Arise Again (Provided)
6.Haile Selassie I The First Time (Provided)
7.Voices Of The Remnancy (Provided)
8.Conquering Lion (Provided)
9.Credited (Provided)
10.Restore (Provided)
11.To Ge Da (Provided)
12.To Them (Provided)
13.Ride Tru (Provided)
Beauty for Ashes 2014
1.A Reminder (Provided)
2.When Jah Arise (feat. Lutan Fyah) (Provided)
3.Same I Ah One (feat. Pressure) (Provided)
4.Betterment Mouth
5.Beauty for Ashes (Provided)
6.All I's On You (Provided)
7.Generation Again (Provided)
8.Holy Mountain (Provided)
9.Hold On (Provided)
10.Tried and Tested (Provided)
11.Weather the Storm (feat. Ras Batch) (Provided)
12.A Healing (Provided)
13.Same Boat We
Lion Out Of Zion 2013
1.Pass It On (Provided)
2.Humanity Cry (Provided)
3.Two Worlds (Provided)
4.Value Life (Provided)
5.JAH In I (Provided)
6.Lion Out Of Zion (Provided)
7.A Simple Heart Of Love (Provided)
8.Be Mindful (Provided)
9.Force & Flames (Provided)
10.Things To Be Thankful For (Provided)
Free Indeed 2013
1.Is His
2.Don't Be So (Provided)
3.For His Speech
4.Hemp Scroll
6.To Gain To Lose (Provided)
7.Outcome (Provided)
8.Perceptual Vortex
9.The Battle
10.Free Indeed
11.Green Pastures
12.High Order
13.Mock Off (Provided)
In Awe 2012
1.Wearing Her Crown
3.Music to Honor I King
4.In Awe
5.Worth Working For
6.The World is Beautiful
7.Seek These
8.Psych Ops
9.All People
10.Fallen Soldiers
Jubilees of Zion 2000
1.Jubilees of Zion
2.Earth Cycle Now A Rasta
3.White Collar Criminal
4.Kings On the Clothes Line
5.Mighty Race
6.Wrickta Scale
7.You Make I Feel
8.Southeastern Moon
9.Ring Out A Chant
10.Begin the Day
11.Great Zimbabwe Walls
12.Batter Ram Sound
13.Ras To the Bone
14.Birthright is the Ticket
Ras Mek Peace 1999
1.Pagan, Pay Gone
2.Love Right (Live Right)
3.Rasta Man Stand
4.Natty Watching You
5.Lion Wears the Crown
8.Banking In the Pig
9.In the Race So Far
10.Foolish and the Wise
Unpolished 1997
2.Mama Africa
3.Meditation (Babylon Fruits)
4.Don't Move (Lion's Dread)
5.Due Reward
6.Kaaba Stone
8.The Eyes Are the Light
9.Love the Life You Live
10.Time and Time Again
Scheme a Things
1.Scheme a Things
Live In Eugene
1.Rasta Man Stand - Live
2.New Life
3.Bushman - Live
4.Due Reward - Live
5.Batter Ram Sound - Live
6.Ainshant Maps - Live
7.Don't Move - Live
8.Natty Watching You - Live
2.Children of Jah
3.Ana Manakin
4.Late Night Ghetto
5.New Life Dub
6.Jubilees of Zion Dub
8.BLack Congo
10.Ainshant Maps
11.Knocka Fia
12.Done Wrong Type
13.Ah Jah
14.I Chant
15.Yield Turn Out
17.Better Mus Come
18.Kings Bell

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