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Paris【 8 albums 103 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
There Is A Storm 2015
1.The Silk Screen (Provided)
2.What Is My Name (Provided)
3.My Baby Drove Away (Provided)
4.Up from a Distance (Provided)
5.The Cross Over (Provided)
6.March of the Wooden Soldiers (Provided)
7.Come Back Johnny (Provided)
8.Serve Me Lord (Provided)
9.Wearing the Mask (Provided)
Pistol Politics 2015
1.Pistol Politics
2.Buck, Buck, Pass
3.Truce Music
4.Bring that Slap Back
5.Lethal Warning Shot
6.Robert's Theme
7.Night of the Long Knives
8.Hard Truth Soldier (Redux)
9.Hold the Line
10.Call Signs
11.Brown Eyes
13.Turning Point
14.Give the Summer Drums
15.Change We Can Believe In
16.Murder Suit
17.Side Effect
19.Muggin' Ain't Thuggin'
20.Martial Law (Redux)
21.The Greatest
22.Search Warrant
23.Pop's Groove (Provided)
25.The War Dance
26.Keep Pushin'
27.Up You Mighty Race (Provided)
Only One Life 2013
1.Dancing On the Edge (Provided)
2.What Should We Be Saying (Provided)
3.South of Love (Provided)
4.Everytime You Walk Away (Provided)
5.America (Provided)
6.Longer Than I Care to Remember (Provided)
7.The Clock (Provided)
8.On Fire (Provided)
9.When the Lights Fade Away (Provided)
10.Handle With Care (Provided)
11.The Time Still to Come (Provided)
Guerilla Funk 2009-04
1.It's Real
Acid Reflex 2008
1.Don't Stop The Movement
2.So What
3.Blap That Ass Up
4.The Trap
5.Get Fired Up
6.Neighborhood Watch
7.Acid Reflex
9.Violence Of The Lambs
10.Winter In America (Provided)
12.Rebels Witout Applause
13.One Gun (Provided)
14.Harambe (Provided)
15.Rebels Without Applause
Sonic Jihad
1.Spilt Milk
2.Tear Shit Up
4.Freedom (The Last Cell remix)
Les Amis de Paris
1.Secret Mission
2.Hey Sailor!
3.Disco Ghost
4.Banks and Patches
1.The Devil Made Me Do It
3.Escape From Babylon
6.Scarface Groove
7.Break The Grip Of Shame
8.Mellow Madness
9.This Is A Test
10.Panther Power
12.The Hate That Hate Made
13.You Know My Name
14.Thinka 'bout It
16.Street Soldier
17.Serious Song
18.Record Label Murder
21.Bush Killa
22.Coffee, Donuts & Death
23.Will You Love Me Tomorrow
24.Red Rain
25.Disco Fever
26.Rainy Day in London
27.Root of All Evil
29.The Days of Old
30.When I Laid My Eyes on You
31.Have You Ever Been in Love (Tv Version)

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