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Rodney Hylton Smith, better known by his stage name Roots Manuva (born 9 September 1972), is an English rapper and producer. Since his debut in 1994, he has produced numerous albums and singles under his label Big Dada, achieving commercial success with albums such as Run Come Save Me and Slime & Reason. He has been described as 'one of the most influential artists in British music history.' His most recent studio album, Bleeds, was released in October 2015.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Facety 2:11 2015
1.Facety 211
2.Facety 211 (Instrumental) (Provided)
3.Like a Drum (Provided)
4.Like a Drum (Instrumental) (Provided)
Bleeds 2015
2.I Know Your Face
3.One Thing
4.Me Up!
5.Knee-Jerk (Provided)
6.Stepping Hard
8.Don't Breathe Out
9.Hard Bastards
10.Fighting For
Banana Skank 2013
1.Party Time (feat. Kope) (Provided)2.Natural (feat. Kope) (Provided)
Banana Skank (EP) 2013
1.Natural (Provided)
2.Banana Skank (Part 2) (Provided)
3.Banana Skank (WAFA Remix) (Provided)
4.Party Time (Provided)
4everevolution 2011
1.First Growth (Provided)
2.Here We Go Again
3.Skid Valley (Provided)
4.Who Goes There? (Provided)
5.Watch Me Dance
6.Revelation (Provided)
7.Wha' Mek?
8.Takes Time (Provided)
9.Beyond This World (Provided)
10.Go Champ (Provided)
11.Get The Get (Provided)
12.Crow Bars (Provided)
13.The Throes Of It (Provided)
14.Noddy (Provided)
15.Much Too Plush (Provided)
16.The Path (Provided)
17.Banana Skank (Provided)
18.Snakebite (Provided)
19.Bust It (Provided)
20.It's On
Slime & Reason 2008
1.Again And Again
3.Do Nah Bodda Mi (Provided)
4.Let The Spirit
5.Kick Up Ya Foot (Provided)
6.Dem A Talk (Provided)
7.Buff Nuff (Provided)
8.It's Me Oh Lord (Provided)
9.2 Much 2 Soon
10.We Do (Provided)
11.Ummc (Provided)
12.Heard Of Mi (Provided)
13.Well Alright (Provided)
14.The Struggle (Provided)
15.A New Dub (Provided)
16.9 Dubs A Year (Provided)
17.Dub For The Worms (Provided)
18....And Again (Provided)
iTunes Live: London Festival '08
1.Again & Again (Live)
2.Join the Dots (Live)
3.Movements (Live)
4.Witness (1Hope) [Live]
5.Too Cold (Live)
6.Juggle Tings Proper (Live)
Run Come Save Me
1.Witness (1 Hope)
2.Bashment Boogie
3.Kicking the Cack
4.Stone the Crows
5.Swords in the Dirt
6.Sinny Sin Sins
Brand New Second Hand
1.Witness (One Hope)
2.Dreamy Days
4.Chin High (Manuvadelics version)
5.Chin High
6.Awfully Deep
7.Wisdom Fall
8.Juggle Tings Proper
9.Strange Behavior
10.Sinking Sands
11.Join The Dots
12.The Falling
14.Strange Behaviour
15.Too Cold (Sa-Ra remix feat. Wood Harris)
17.Awfully Deep (Lambeth Blues Metronomy remix)
18.Too Cold (Nightmares On Wax Remix Radio Edit)
19.Too Cold
20.Witness (I Hope)
21.Witness Dub
22.Soul Decay
23.Motion 5000
24.Colossal Insight (radio edit)
25.Things We Do
26.Colossal Insight
27.No Love
28.The Show Must Go On

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